Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Comic Fiesta 2009~♥

Ok~As usual, I went to this year Comic Fiesta. This year was so crowded!!! @ @
It did not used to be that crowded, plus, the spaces between booth are more narrow, so it's quite difficult to walk >.<

Didn't get much things this year, I guess I am getting more and more picky ;P

This is what I got from this year's Comic Fiesta:

A recycle bag with KiDChan's beautiful drawing printed on it,

A pretty, and detail A4 size poster,

A set of D.Gray Man Postcards, Allen is my favorite among this 3 drawings, 2nd is Ravi, Kanda is just so so, though he is my favorite character in the anime, but I don't fancy him that much in this style...

A funny cloud postcard, LOL, really like this, this was the last piece,

a pair of Fullmetal Alchemist envelopes, Roy & Ed, =v=

cute little Ed refusing his milk postcard?

and lastly, this set of postcards, printed on metallic paper, I like the colour a lot. Though it looks really lonely :(

I am so sad... my photos on this event were all blurry >.< Sob Sob

Friday, November 13, 2009

My New Office~ ♥

Here is my new office's interior. Also my first ID job (sort of @ @)
We have the company name in 3D pieces.

Then follow by the covers of the first issue of the magazines that we published. World of Cars and Tinker Bell (by Disney) are the first two magazine that the company published, then almost 1 year later, recently we just published Ben 10 by Cartoon Network.

Our waiting area :) We have a sort of hidden Mickey there... sort of...
I swear I did not do it intentionally!!! This panel turned out better than I expect :)

Our meeting room, which basically look like a glass cube... but at least the 'O' from our logo is hiding our work place nicely!

I guess it's because of this, people tend to barge into our office even we ask them to wait at the waiting area... too curious on how the office look like inside? = = but I just hate it... it is very rude to just walk into people's office without permission.

Our pantry. I took this picture inside the pantry, when it was still empty. Now we have lots of stuff in it already, won't be able to take a clear view of these glass stickers. :)

But basically that is what I did for my office's interior :)

Any comments?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Bunny in the Family~ ♥

Well... allow me to introduce, a new bunny in the family~ ^ ^

I bought it at Central Market ^ ^

I just can't help it >w< she is just too cute!!!
I really like that little white flower she is wearing.

I haven't named her yet, I am really bad with names though...orz|||
Anyone has any suggestions? @ @

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hello Kitty Crocs ♥

Finally~ After weeks of searching, I finally get my Hello Kitty Crocs!!! >w<

My first crocs~♥

I want to get some accessories for it =v= maybe a gem stone? perhaps a pretty little flower?
@ v @ (too many choices)

Oh~ and a cute free gift~ Hello Kitty bag.

Look at her~ she is wearing a pair of crocs too!!! >w<

Friday, September 4, 2009


It's been a while since I last post anything /_\

I have been really busy with work. Sigh...

Just saw this on my calendar, I think that it is a really cute picture XDD

It says that the moon is the bunny's favorite.

How cute >w<

I bought this calendar when I was in Japan. In a store that sells only things with bunny!!! >w<
And this calendar was 50% off, since it was already April at that time. Hee hee... XD

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Doctors Nowadays...... ☹

I was not feeling well these few days, so I went to a clinic at Desa Park City. So I told the doctor what are my symptoms... and only realized all the doctor did was just writing and writing. I told him that I have cough, he did not check my chest or anything. Then, when he ask me do I have fever, I said I don't think so, he take that for granted and did not measure my temperature as well. This is the first time I see a doctor that did not examine the patient at all.

Anyway, I took the medicine, went home and take it as I was told, only to realized that my cold had gotten worse.

Eventually I have to go to another doctor.

Sigh... Doctors nowadays......orz|||

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bon Odori 2009 ♥

Well... it has been a while since I last went to Bon Odori. I think the last one was like 5 years ago. Anyway, this year was great, I finally get to go in a YUKATA!!!! >w<

My pink Yukata and pink flower >w< took this picture when I am back in my friend's house. Thank god the Yukata is still in one piece, i just need to straighten it a bit.

(Sorry guys if you cannot see the picture, I have tried to upload it many times, but it will not show up here)

The Obi stays in shape through the whole event... This is out of my expectation, I was worried that I might have to re-tie it in the middle of the event. I did the Obi for my friend too, again, I was also worried that hers might get undone half way through the event. I did not want to imagine that, that will be .................... so embarassing!!!! >////////////< But I think I tie it pretty tight for her, it stays pretty good on her back. Mission accomplished!!! :p

I saw 2 of my high school schoolmate, it has been so long since I last saw them, like maybe 6 years... Though I knew they were there, it was crowded, and my phone cannot call out, so I did not manage to get my friends, but later I saw them somewhere near the stalls. I reconized the back of their Yukatas (because I saw it on Facebook) and I went over to say Hi.

I saw some cute Japanese kids/baby, so I took pictures with them. >w< My Japanese finally came in handy. Ha ha... At the same time, It's also fun when someone mistaken me for a Japanese and talked to me in Japanese =////////= I did not know what to do... If I told them that I am not one, then I feel like I am embarassing them...but if I kept quiet, then it seems like I am lying to them... Sigh...

I had lots of fun in Bon Odori this year. Looking forward to next year's!!!!!!!!! >w<